Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rides Desired

This is the Blog entry where you name your desire for a ride to Dandelion! You do this by adding a comment to this post. Try to be as flexible as you can while clearly naming your needs. This includes where you will be and when you want to go to Valley of the Moon. And some way to contact you of course.

Please be supportive of a witch who offers you a ride in what ever ways you can. If there is no one going your way there are also bus, train, even fairy options from all over the Bay Area with shuttles to take you all the way to Dandelion. Call Ross at 707 486 8341 or email if you need help figuring out transportation and if you want to schedule a shuttle pickup.

Thank You for being part of the All Reclaiming Dandelion 3 Gathering

Rides Offered

Here is the blog entry where you offer rides to sexy beautiful Witches who you would like to pick up and take to the Dandelion Gathering. You do this by posting a comment to this entry. Please share where you are leaving from and when, perhaps how many witches you can carry, and some way to get a hold of you, your preference of course.

At dandelion there will also be a ride board so that we can all get home in love and trust and ease using the least amount of energy possible. If you get lots of calls please share your experience with Ross at so that I can look for more generous considerate witches, like you, to support the wider Reclaiming Community.

Thank You and Blessings on your home and travels,

Monday, March 17, 2008

We're moving!

So, after a hard couple of weeks, we've decided to move from Camp Newman to Valley of the Moon, a gorgeous location in the beautiful Sonoma Mountain Range of Glen Ellen. It’s about an hour from San Francisco, set amongst the redwoods and nestled in the hills. For those that want to camp, there’s plenty of tenting space available (in addition to dorm spots). We’ll definitely have carpools available for those that are coming from SFO or Oakland, as well as local witches in need of rides.

Because we're moving to a smaller location, we expect registration to fill for overnight spots, especially on the weekends, so please register as soon as possible.

For those that are wondering what may be happening at D3, here are the rumors that yours-truly has collected along the way (in secret meetings, chance run-ins with Reclaiming teachers, and some mostly-legal wire tapping):

*Teachers Tea – for people who teach in their local communities to share ideas

*A Ritual Planning Salon – For people who plan their public community rituals

* A Mystery workshop with Starhawk

* Pagans and the Interfaith Movement with M. Macha Nightmare

* A roundtable / panel discussion on Sex Work by Kirk Read

* A Taste of Sacred Sex Magic Workshop by Ravyn the Red

* A Presentation on the Reclaiming Intentional Community by Scarecrow, Melissa Bee, and Aimee Bovara

* A Kirtan with Evelie

* The Magic of Sound with April Taylor

* Song and Devotion with Riyana and Devaa

* Impromptu Nature Awareness Hikes with Jonathan, Charles, and Cypress

* We're actively looking for someone to lead a Pagan Speed Dating Event. Is that you? Email us!

* And don't forget to bring your finest finery for the Fairy Masque Ball!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

D3 at a glance...

Hi Everyone,

Those of us crazy people organizing Dandelion 3 met this past week and have decided we really want this event to happen, so we are extending the registration deadline and keeping our fingers crossed that we will have enough registrations in by next week to make this happen. If you can send in your registration in the next few days, we may have enough people coming to make sure this event happens. It's unfortunate (but not all that unusual) that the site requires a firm count ahead of time, so we need your registrations in by March 9th.

One of the questions we've heard from people is 'what exactly is happening at Dandelion', so I thought I'd give you a sense. Some people have been wondering why we haven't said yet, and that's because in the past, Dandelion has been a *Created-in-the-Moment-By-Community* sort of event. Lots of cool people come, there is a big schedule posted on the site where people write in what they want to offer, and then things happen. Dandelion was originally visioned for two reasons – First to create BIRCH, and second to be a fun gathering for Reclaiming folks from all over to meet and socialize and do magic and whatever else they wanted. This Dandelion is similar, except Birch has been birthed. There will be Birch meetings happening there, and there will also be fun offerings. We do know there will be some very fun people coming already. Here are a couple of the offerings we've heard about:

Teachers Tea – for people who teach in their local communities to share ideas

A Ritual Planning Salon – For people who plan their public community rituals

Kirk Read would like to do a roundtable/panel discussion on sex work and possibly also something on writing

Ravyn is doing a workshop on a taste of Sacred Sex Magic

We're hoping we can have a kirtan session

We're actively looking for someone to lead a speed dating event

The basic outline being discussed so far as far as ritual arc goes is this:
Wednesday Night: Opening/Welcoming
Thursday Night: Temple of Love
Friday Afternoon: Healing Ritual
Friday Night: Open for whatever – Bardic Circle/Ritual Lalapalooza/Faery Masque Ball
Saturday: Big group ritual (possibly the Clan house ritual)
Sunday – Closing Ritual

So, this Dandelion at a glance. I hope you are all enticed and will come on out and have fun with us all.

Robin Dolan

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ding dong! Handfasting bells are ringing at D3...

Gaiamore and Julie recently announced their handfasting ceremony for Sunday morning at D3, to be witnessed and surrounded by the wider Reclaiming Community. Woo-hoo! Congratulations! Starhawk shall priestess the ritual, which is ideally going to be held outside and focused on raising energy for world peace and universal love.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New, lower DAY RATES for Dandelion...

The Dandelion Planning group met and consensed on a new cost of $55 for day rates for the Dandelion gathering. This will include Lunch and Dinner. The location is Camp Newman in Sonoma County.

Please be advised that you must be registered to attend. We have to give Camp Newman an accurate count of all people attending. That means that, unlike Witchcamp, we will be unable to accommodate those of you who want to wait until the last minute.

Please get your reservation in very soon. Our Drop Dead Deadline is March 2. That is the deadline for us to decide if the gathering will happen or not. We can add people after that up until March 15.


We know that you are out there. Many people are talking about coming to Dandelion, making plans, talking about rituals, workshops, teas, salons, and meetings even a wedding!

Unfortunately that has not translated into many registrations. We have a deadline of March 2, 2008 with Camp Newman. If we do not have enough people signed up by then, we will have to cancel.

I know that there are enough people planning on coming to have a successful event, but we need commitment. Please get your registration in right away!

I am looking forward to meeting a lot of new people and seeing old friends from around the country.